Heavy Duty Topcase Rack Fits BMW 750 850 GS 2018+ (Plastic Base)

Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories

$158.99 USD  $169.99 USD

Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories Heavy Duty Luggage Rack Fits BMW 750 850 GS 2018+ (Plastic Base)

there are 3 different versions of rear carrier on 750/ 850 models(pictures above, this item is for the "Plastic Base") if still unsure which version you need email us

Rack is 13" long and 10.5" wide,
 made from 5/16" thick (8.4mm) 6061 Aluminum, powdercoated Black,
Heavy duty rack designed as a topcase mount for the Givi/Kappa Monokey cases, universal mount, Trax cases and/or hard off road use.

 with mounting holes for Rotopax (you can have 1 gallons mounted to the rack with the Backrest on, or 2 gal. without the Backrest installed) 

mounting hardware for rack to bike included.

Backrest (sold separatley) can be attached to this rack but cannot be used at the same time as a topcase is being used.

check out our installation video for more info on how our system works (pictures and video are on 1200/1250GS, installation is very similar)