XP Backrest and Rack BMW 2019- 1250 GSA Adventure

Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories

$309.99 USD  $319.99 USD
Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories XP Backrest and Rack Fits BMW 2019+ 1250 GSA Adventure 
this rack we designed attaches to the tube frame rack that comes standard on the 2019- GSA, no modifications needed, removes easily if needed
 Rack is 12.5" long and 10.5" wide,
 made from .25" (6mm) aluminum, powdercoated Black,
includes backrest and mounting hardware
 with mounting holes for Rotopax (you can have 1 gallons mounted to the rack with the Backrest on, or 2 gal. without the Backrest installed)
(rack can be purchased without backrest in drop down menu)

Some of the pictures of the backrest on the motorcycles show an older version of our pad (3/4 pad). The current pad we are using is the full pad shown in the first image.(shown on a 1200 GSA)