Long Luggage Rack Top Case Mount Fits Africa Twin CRF1100 Adventure Sports 2020+

Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories

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      Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories Backrest Mounting Plates Fits
Africa Twin CRF1100 Base model and Adventure Sports 2020+

can only be used on '20-'21 Standard version If your Africa Twin has the OEM rear carrier, part# 81210-MKS-E20ZB (comes with Adventure Sports & optional for Standard) pictured below, 

Heavy Duty off road  
13" long 10" wide
5/16" thick (8.4mm) 6061 Aluminum with Black powdercoat finish, included mounting hardware to attach rack to factory installed rear carrier.

designed for heavy off road use or  large Givi/Kappa Monokey Cases, predrilled for Givi brakelight.

with mounting holes for Rotopax (you can have 1 gallons mounted to the rack with the Backrest on, or 2 gal.size without the Backrest installed)

 Givi Monokey mounting hardware sold separate 

Backrest (sold separatley) can be attached to this rack (shown in pictures)but cannot be used at the same time as a topcase is being used.

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