Luggage Rack Fits Kawasaki KLX 250S SF

Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories

$149.99 USD  $159.00 USD
SKU: K11
   Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories Long Light Duty Luggage Rack Fits the KLX250S & SF
12.5" long 10.5" wide 
1/4"thick (7mm)  aluminum with black powdercoat finish, designed for strapping down soft bags or small Givi monolock cases (has mounting holes for quick clean attachment of your monolock mounting plate) also has mounting holes for Rotopax and our Backrest.
includes all mounting hardware needed to attach the rack to the bike
(backrest, givi E30 and rotopax shown in pics but not included)
! Because the mounting points on the bike are limited you will have to use caution in the way loads are carried (keep wieght towards the front) and limit the amount of weight on the rear of the rack especially if going off road !