GIVI Monokey hardware for Multistrada 1200, Multistrada V2, 950/950S, 1260, 1200 Enduro

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$24.99 USD  $29.99 USD
SKU: Givi20
  GIVI Monokey hardware kit.

hardware that can be used with the "Long Rack Topcase Mount" so you can use the following topcases on our rack

Givi Monokey 
Kappa Monokey
Ducati Topcases (the one made by Givi, not the Touratech)
 (shown on rack, rack not included)

note for MTS 950, V2, 1260 &1200 Enduro. we do not reccomended using the X-Large cases 52L,56L & 58L
or hard off roading with a topcase,
(we have heard of cracking and breaking of the bike rear section/grab handle, even with oem racks, typically associated with using large cases or off roading)