Freeze Dryer Tray Funnel Scratch and Dent

Bang Fabrication

$54.99 USD  $79.99 USD

Sorry, this item is out of stock

we have a few of our Funnels that got dropped/ dented or Scratched up/off color, etc

and are offering them at a discount, they are still in good working conditions and scratches/dents have been touched up with paint 

will work with large, med or small trays (not XL)

our Freeze Dryer Tray Funnel works great for getting your freeze dried products quickly and easily from your trays into your mylar bags.


click here for a video of it in use on some freeze dried eggs 

the Tray Funnel is made from metal and powder coated white making it easy to clean and food safe. 

tray is aprox 24" long x 6"wide x 2 1/2" deep
weight is aprox 2 1/2 lbs