Short Luggage Rack Fits Africa Twin CRF1100 Adventure Sports 2020+

Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories

$104.99 USD  $114.99 USD


 Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories Backrest Mounting Plates
Fits  Africa Twin CRF1100 Base model and Adventure Sports 2020+

can only be used on '20-'21 Standard version If your Africa Twin has the OEM rear carrier, part# 81210-MKS-E20ZB (comes with Adventure Sports & optional for Standard) pictured below, 

9.5" long 10.5" wide
1/4" thick  Aluminum with Black powdercoat finish
designed as a small rack to strap a small bag to,
and as a base for the Backrest (sold separately, shown in picture)
includes all mounting hardware needed to attach the rack to the bike

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