DIY Backrest Kit XP 8.5

Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories

$184.99 USD  $194.99 USD

Do It Yourself Backrest install kit

this kit is for if you already have a flat luggage rack made by another manufacturer (or home made) and you don't mind drilling holes in it to attach a Backrest to.

this XP 8.5 kit includes
XP Backrest
Drill guide template
nuts and bolts (4 ea.-- M6x22 bolts, M6 locknuts, washers) for attaching to a plate as thick as 8mm, if you are planning on attaching to something thicker ACE Hardware is a great place for all sorts of fasteners.

this kit is is the XP 8.5, which means the mounting holes in the feet are 8.5" center to center, if you have area that can be drilled in your rack at that spacing this will work, if you have cutouts or bolts that attach your rack to the bike that would interfere see if 6.5" will work better for you, if that is better then order our XPN 6.5 Kit.

if you have not seen it already we have an installation video that also has instructions on choosing the correct DIY Backrest for your application