Essential Adventure Motorcycle Accessories for Longer Rides

Essential Adventure Motorcycle Accessories for Longer Rides

A famous traveler once said, "When a person travels, they discover who they really are, what they can achieve, and so much more. The travel bugs bite hard, but motorcycle travel bites deep." Going on an adventure on a motorcycle is a dream for many. Watching movies like motorcycle diaries, One week, or Easy ride and feeling the excitement, the thrill of just leaving everything behind and traveling across a country- what a story it would be to boast about. Motorcycles like Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports are made for these adventures. However, when it comes to planning a road trip on your beloved Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports, it is always a good idea to add some accessories to up the experience of your journey.

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Let us look at some must-have motorcycle accessories to accompany you on longer rides.

#1- Luggage racks

Whether going for an adventure or traveling from one corner of the country to another, luggage racks are must-have accessories for your motorcycle. It eliminates the only drawback a motorcycle has i.e., an option to carry cargo. It properly distributes the weight of the cargo and provides stability to the motorcycle. Furthermore, it also protects the main body of the motorcycle, acting as a guard in case the bike falls. One can look for Adventure Motorcycle Parts in the USA and can find a variety of luggage racks to choose from.

#2- Backrest

Backrests are not essential for a solo ride but a must-have accessory when traveling with a companion. Adding a backrest to the motorcycle provides much-needed safety and comfort to the pillion rider. Furthermore, it also minimizes the movement of the pillion rider eliminating the risk of the rider losing balance due to unnecessary movements.

#3- Tank bag

Adding a tank bag to your motorcycle adds up to the convenience of the rider. Having a tank bag allows us to keep important documents, water, cash, and other essentials that a rider might need during their ride. Keeping them in place that provides easy access saves a lot of time and enhances our overall touring experience.


One can look for Adventure Motorcycle Parts in the USA and can find a variety of options to choose from. Travel across the country, meet new people, enjoy the thrill of an adventure and have a great story to tell everyone- plan a breathtaking adventurous ride today.

The need for a backrest on motorcycles

The need for a backrest on motorcycles

Sitting on your KTM 1290 super adventure or Triumph Tiger 800 for long hours generates unnecessary stress on the lower back and leg muscles, especially on the pillion riders. It can result in lower back pain and leg cramps which can take away the enjoyment of the journey. Therefore, it is a benefit to add a backrest to your motorcycle if you are planning for long adventure trips on a motorcycle.

Adding a backrest to your KTM 1290 super adventure or Triumph Tiger 800 can significantly enhance the comfort level of your bike and can boost the rider's as well as pillion's overall travel experience. For long bike rides, a good quality backrest becomes crucial for the pillion rider. It provides much-needed comfort and support to the lower back to avoid much strain on the back and also prevents any leg cramps.



Another factor that makes the backrest so important is that it adds to the safety of the motorcycle. A lot of passengers feel uncomfortable with nothing to keep them on the bike especially under rapid acceleration or aggressive riding, a backrest gives a solid and secure base for the passenger to lean against taking away from the feeling of open air behind them.

As pillion riders are given less space to move their limbs during a long ride, they can get a bit uncomfortable and start moving around. Excessive movement of the pillion rider can put everyone at risk. It can lead to the motorcycle losing balance resulting in collisions or loss of control. Adding a backrest eliminates such risk as it adds to the comfort of the pillion, allowing them to sit comfortably for a longer period of time.

One can find a variety of KTM 1290 super adventure backrests or Triumph Tiger 800 passenger backrests in the market nowadays. Build quality and the quality of material used in manufacturing are some of the things to watch for. A good quality backrest adds to the comfort level of the pillion.

Backrests are an essential piece of equipment, especially when it comes to traveling with a pillion. With its certain impact on the quality of the ride and comfort level, it is easy to see the importance of these accessories in enhancing the riders as well as pillions overall touring experience.


Make the Ride Comfortable with Ducati Multistrada Accessories

Make the Ride Comfortable with Ducati Multistrada Accessories

Multistrada means "many roads" in Italian, and as the name suggests, Ducati Multistrada is a bike that can take people to any road. Ducati launched the Multistrada series bikes in the year 2003, and it has never looked back after that. These bikes are a beast packed with modern technology and aerodynamic design to let them reach their full potential.

Ducati Multistrada 1200 and Ducati Multistrada 1260 are some well-known bikes in this series. These bikes are a perfect blend of technology and performance, they have stood at the top and survived the test of time. These bikes' overall performance and comfort can further be improved by adding some accessories to these beasts. One can search "Ducati Multistrada 1260s accessories" or "Ducati Multistrada 1200 backrest" and choose from among some well-built accessories for their bike. Installing the right accessories to a Ducati Multistrada will make the bike comfortable and enhance its overall usability.

Let’s look at some of the accessories one can add to their Ducati Multistrada.

#1- Backrest

Backrests are one of the essential accessories for any bike with a passenger. It enhances the overall comfort level and safety for the pillion rider. One can look for Ducati Multistrada 1200 backrest or 1260 s backrest and get it installed to provide much-needed support for the pillion rider over a long journey. Sitting in a static position and dealing with the bumps and other elements of discomfort during a ride can get a bit harsh for the pillion riders. They are more prone to back and leg muscles cramps and discomfort as they are given less space for their limbs. It can result in pillion riders continuously moving and changing their position, resulting in losing the bike's balance. A good backrest eliminates the risk making it safe for both riders.

#2- Luggage racks

Another accessory that one can add to increase the usability of the bike is a luggage racks. Luggage racks especially come in handy when going for long road trips. It provides extra space to carry the luggage without disrupting the bike's balance. They also come in handy for the daily commute.

#3- Mounting plates

Mounting plates are also important accessories that one can install on their bikes, especially if they want to add a backrest to their bike. A backrest is attached to the bike using these mounting plates.

Ducati Multistrada,1260 s accessories, or 1200 accessories adds to the overall performance of these bikes. Ducati is a world-renowned brand of bikes and is well known for its performance. Adding these accessories further enhances the comfort, safety and usability of these bikes.