wire mesh screens for freeze drying

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with wire mesh screens you can easily stack layers of fruits, veggies, etc. and maintain a small gap between layers

we also use them when freeze drying items that have fat that may drip as it freeeze dries, like dark meat from chicken, hamburger, etc, it allows the fat to drip to the bottom and not have your food sit in it.

it also allows better airflow under thicker, wider items so that all the moisture does not have to be pulled out through the top when drying 

prices are for individual screens

we offer 2 options,
option 1. stainless steel woven wire mesh, these are easy to clean hand washing or dishwasher, but you do need to be careful with them as the material can be pulled apart with rough handling because it is woven (we have used some for several months without any issues) also the edges can be sharpish because the individual wire ends are small

option 2. powder coated white stainless steel woven wire mesh, same as the other screens but with the powdercoating it basically glues everything together so you would not need to worry about anything coming apart, and the ends of the wire feel softer