"other" Givi 40 LITER TOP CASE (Silver) E360G


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SKU: E360G730

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NEW- open box,was able to get on a closeout from Givi so I am able to offer at a lower price(only 1 available)

Taking much of its style traits from the E460 and E52 cases, this 40 liter Silver case is sold individually so it can be used as a top case or 2 can be purchased to use them on the side.  Unable to hold a full face helmet, this case is ideal in satisfying the most demanding space requirements of the traveler during mid/long range trips.  Sold separately, additional accessories are available including an inner bag allowing quick removal of your goods and a top case rack to provide more packing options.

Dimensions:  22.3"L x 11"W x 16.6"H
Volume:  40 Liter
Weight Lbs:  9.9
Color:  SILVER
Max Load Lbs:  22
Helmet Capacity:  N/A


get more specs and info HERE at Givi USA