MTS1200 TC Rack Swap

  • $ 40.00

New MTS 1200 Topcase Mount Rack (3rd Gen).,

Does not come with hardware, keep your original hardware


we have done a few modifications over the years, this is our 3rd version, it scoots the topcase mounts about 5/8" (16mm) farther back than the 2nd gen version and about 1 1/4" (32mm) farther back than 1st version.  
if you
 currently own one of our MTS1200 Topcase Mount racks and ride with a passenger and feel like you need more room we are offering a trade in on the first version for $40 (you send us your old rack, and pay for shipping and we will send you a new 3rd gen rack) 2nd gen owners can do the same if you feel like you need it, you will not see a major difference, but it will give you 5/8" more room

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