Soft Side Case Rack to Hard Side Case Rack conversion Kit- Ducati MTS 620, 100, 1100

Dynamic Motorcycle Accessories

$ 80.00 

 Soft Side Case Rack to Hard Side Case Rack conversion Kit.

if you already have our Soft Side Case Rack (this is only an addition to the rack, it is not the complete rack) and want to put Givi hard cases on it you can use this kit to do that.

kit includes heavy duty side plates and Givi Monokey hardware for left and right sides.

works with Givi Monokey cases,(any monokey case that can be used as a topcase can be used as a side case)
E21, E22, E41,TRK33 and TRK46 are good side cases (E22 andTRK33 in pics)

the only Givi case that still uses a monokey type mount that will not work is the V35, the v35 uses a different mounting setup, it is countoured rather than flat on the bottom of the case, the side rack that givi makes for the givi v35 is called the PLXR

will not work with Trekker Outback side cases